Writing a master thesis


In contrast to the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, the final work usually only completes a certain stage of studies and replaces the exam in a given subject, which is why it takes a much shorter form (usually a dozen or so pages). This does not mean, however, that it is exempt from the observance of the rules for preparing scientific work. Correctly written thesis fulfills all formal requirements, even those concerning formatting – the appropriate font and its size – 11 or 12. The structure of longer final work is basically similar to the BA thesis – contains the introduction, the proper content divided into chapters and the ending. In the case of shorter work, the lack of chapters is obvious, but it is worth keeping at least the division into the three aforementioned parts. Bibliography and footnotes are also an obvious element without which the work will not be considered as scientific.

Writing a good thesis requires the necessary theoretical knowledge, remember that it replaces the exam. However, it requires that based on this knowledge, formulate its own conclusions and judgments, and sometimes even confirm or reject the research hypothesis.

Our editors offer their support to students who find it difficult to find inspiration and time for an appropriate approach to the subject. It is very important that when completing the form, do not skip the details required by the university or lecturer, regardless of the subject, form and length of work required.

At the same time, you can only write a pass-it’s work, unlike the others – there is usually no possibility of improvement, so please fill in the form in detail. We offer our knowledge and experience as well as individual approach to the subject. Contact us today for a unique and interesting final job!

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