Writing bachelor’s theses

Bachelor’s thesis is the last stage of completing first-cycle studies and obtaining the first academic title, and thus higher education. Its writing and defense prove that the student has acquired the necessary knowledge in the field of reaching sources of information and their collection, designing and conducting empirical scientific research and describing their results, subjecting to analysis and inference.

The first element of the correct writing of the BA thesis is knowledge of the theoretical problems necessary in the discussed subject, without which further analysis is devoid of scientific basis. That is why bachelor’s theses require preparation of almost as wide as in the case of master’s thesis of the bibliography and free movement among discussed theoretical issues. In this way, the graduate proves that he deserves higher education.

In the case of research work, a solid theoretical basis is not enough. The student must demonstrate the ability to properly select the research tool and justify his choice. This requires perfect preparation in terms of knowledge of the methodology corresponding to the characteristics of a given area of ​​knowledge. A frequent mistake made in the bachelor’s thesis is insufficiently accurate description of the tool used to obtain empirical data.

Theoretical knowledge and knowledge of methodology do not always translate into success in writing a BA thesis, if they do not go hand in hand with their correct use in practice of inference about the results of their own research. All courts should be deeply rooted not only in their own observations, but also in theories explaining the occurrence of the phenomena discussed.

The concept of research must maintain internal consistency. For this purpose, before their commencement, the area of ​​interest should be clearly defined and consistently followed, first by asking a research question, and then taking further steps to solve it. Before the error of inconsistency, the author can only protect the creation of a correct research plan based on the possessed knowledge.

Writing bachelor’s theses is not so easy. In addition, a frequent mistake made by the authors of the BA thesis is the inability to use the scientific language and the misuse of colloquial language. It explicitly exposes substantive student deficiencies and ignorance or insufficient understanding of the theoretical issues raised in the work.

Writing a thesis, which is usually the first element in the author’s scientific achievements, is often a problem resulting from the lack of experience in preparing scientific papers – including the completion of sources, the choice of methodology and meeting the formal criteria for the construction of a scientific study. To avoid mistakes, it is worth using the help and experience of specialists for whom writing bachelor’s thesis is an everyday life based on professionalism and experience.

Bachelor’s – what can we help you with?

Our portal is a place where professional editors, with many years of experience in writing scientific works, offer support at every stage of job creation. We help in the efficient preparation of the work plan, getting to the sources and completing the bibliography and preparing the theoretical and research part. We are able to design, conduct and analyze the results of a scientific study, taking into account the theoretical basis and principles of logical inference. We therefore write bachelor theses in whole or in part.

We use only proven, scientific sources. The bachelor’s theses we create meet the formal requirements related to formatting, work structure, selection of bibliographies and footnotes. If you are looking for help or inspiration, be sure to report to us.

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